About the club

The FC Zbrojovka Brno football club is one of the most successful Czech (Czechoslovak) clubs. The greatest glory was experienced by the Brno team even before the division of Czechoslovakia, when it won the league title ( 1977/78 ) or victory in the National Cup ( 1959/60 ). In the independent Czech league, the team from the largest Moravian city could boast of its annual participation in the highest competition until 2011, when the team descended to the second league. The very next year, however, Zbrojovka returned to the elite.

For many years last century played Brno football club at the famous stadium Za Luzanky. In the 60s – 70s the stadium became even the largest in the country. It accommodated over 50,000 spectators. To date, it holds attendance records, and in 1996 the Slavia match was attended by 44,120 spectators. Unfortunately, over the years, it has not adequately invested in the repair or investment of the stadium, and once a football temple now resembles a ruin. In 2001, Zbrojovka moved to the city stadium Srbská.

During the long history of the club, which began to write in 1913, the club has passed many successful footballers. Whether it was Vlastimil Bubnik, Oldrich Rulc or Karel Kroupa, we could see many talents in the Zbrojovka team in almost a century, who will not be forgotten in the Brno football hall of fame.