Football – Real Life Events in Brno

FC Zbrojovka Brno is located on the north west coast of central Bohemia, close to the city of Maribor. It is a very small town. Zbrojovka (City) is a place where the FCSB headquarters are located.


FC Zbrojovka Brno is the town’s first sports stadium. It opened in 1998. Football is a famous sport in Brno and the FC Brno Stadium is also called the Arena. The stadiums main goal is to give an opportunity for the local people to watch their favorite teams play.

The Arena is the largest football stadium in Europe and is commonly used by the FCSB and the Coach’s Challenge Cup tournaments. It has twenty thousand seats.

The stadium has ten thousand seats and it is situated right on the shore of the Ostra river. It also has the pink stadium named after the island of Pilsen. The stadium was dedicated to the fans of FC Brno, since they play here.

Tickets for the Arena are available on the internet. It also allows for the collection of tickets at the ticket booths inside the Arena.

To get there you have to visit Brno airport which is located twenty minutes drive from the town. You can travel from the airport to the venue by bus. There are four buses available for the season ticket holders.

On match days you can make your way to the venue through traffic of the region. It is about twenty minutes from Brno airport. During the peak season, the number of fans in the town is huge. There is a good number of ticket holders too.

The atmosphere is very special in the city and football fans love to be in the stadium during the match day. Most fans of FC Brno want to watch their team’s matches. They get ready early for their team’s match.

If you have come to Brno for your soccer fans, you will find that the stadiums are very large. So, for the purpose of parking you can drive to the front gate of the stadium, which is situated five minutes away from town.

This way you can arrive on time to the match. The grounds of the stadium are very spacious and have wonderful views of the ocean and the surrounding area. You will definitely enjoy your time in the stadium if you can see the scenery from inside the stadium.

The fan club gives great attention to the match and many fans come to the stadium during the match. FC Brno players and fans always receive excellent support from the club.

In the summer the fans from the club will go to Tervijone, where the fans watch the World Cup matches with the Brno fans. The official tournament is not going to take place in Brno, but it will take place in Brno and with the Brno fans.

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